ATV Quadbike Safaris full listing with All Terrain Adventures at Bujagali Falls, Jinja, Uganda, East Africa

"the best" ATV Quadbike Safaris in Africa from Bujagali Falls, Jinja, Uganda.

Drive-yourself adventure and sightseeing safaris.
Safety comes first and we have many different routes to suit each rider; easy and scenic, challenging and technical, or a combination.

Start times to suit you, all day, every day of the year. We have easy to drive Quadbikes (All Terrain Vehicles) to suit all levels and ages. No minimum number - 1 person welcome.

List of All Safaris

Details and rates for all ATV Quadbike Safaris - all ages, all levels - beginners to expert riders.

The best ATV Quadbike Safaris in Africa with the best prices in the World - beside the River Nile from Bujagali Falls near Jinja in Uganda

Drive yourself, guided adventure and sightseeing ATV / Quadbike Safaris. You don't need any previous experience, we provide a FREE training / practice session EXCLUSIVE of safari time before each trip. All Terrain Adventures use easy to ride ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) / Quadbikes to explore the tracks and trails beside the Nile; connecting small villages and farms for many kilometres downstream from our base at Bujagali Falls. A special way to see the headwaters at the start of the Victoria Nile.

All ages, all levels, all adventure - off the beaten tracks and into the warm heart of Africa

Take a guided ATV / Quadbike Safari into the warm heart of rural Uganda, visiting scenic & out-of-the-way places many tourists never get to see. And remember - the wetter the better - ATVs love mud. A unique African experience for all ages - circuits and trails to cater for all levels: Kids Quads, beginners, experienced and expert riders through to Granny's chariot.

Flexible start times and no minimum numbers. For friends, families, groups and individuals. Scenic safaris, challenging difficult rides or a combination - you choose. We tailor the trips to suit you and give you the best possible adventure safari. On the longer trips we are able to introduce more difficult, technical sections, as your confidence and skills develop.

Information To help You Plan Your Adventure Safari.

Rates are specified in USD$ and you can also pay using Ugandan Shillings (UGX), Euros, GB Pounds or Kenyan shillings at current rates. For current rates please contact our reception on 0772377185 or send us an email -

  • Kids Quads and Family ATV Quadbike Safaris
        Kids Quads Circuits    
    For children - 7 to 12 y.o. - 'Kids Quads' on supervised circuits with our guides.

    Children from about 9 years old can normally manage our 1 or 2 hour safaris. For children who are too young to ride by themselves there is an option to ride with our guides or with a member of the family.
       * Kids Quads Circuits - $10 or $15Details
  • Kyabirwa Village Safari image ATV Quadbike safaris at Bujagali Falls in Uganda East Africa
        Kyabirwa Village Safari    
    Training / practice session then 1 hour Safari. We run our safaris to suit You. Where time is limited or there are young children in your group, this option will give you a taste of the area near the 'Source of the Nile' and a big dose of the best value, pure fun and adventure available in East Africa. For all ages, all levels and all adventure.
       * Kyabirwa Village Safari $49Details
  • Explorer ATV Quadbike Safari
        Explorer ATV Safari    
    Training / practice session then 2 hour Safari. Our most popular trip. Easy trails make up the start of the trip and then we have the option of more 'technical' sections if suitable. We follow the Nile downstream from Bujagali Falls, below the dam site and then away from the river banks, through the farmland and forest of rural Uganda.
       * Explorer Safari $79Details
  • Twilight sunset ATV Quadbike safaris at Bujagali Falls in Uganda East Africa
        Twilight Safari    
    Start 4.30pm, finish around 8.30pm. Ride out along the east bank of The Nile as the sun sinks below the horizon. Then enjoy a buffet meal with the Owino family in Kyabirwa Village. After dinner we ride the final section back to our base at Bujagali Falls using head-lights. One of our most special safaris - a SUNSET RIDE along the banks of the Nile and a delicious UGANDAN BANQUET.
       * Twilight Safari $89Details
  • Overland ATV Quad Bike Safari
        River Nile Safari    
    Training / practice session then 3 hour Safari. With more time available we are able to take you further, faster and harder. We tailor the trip according to the group, but generally after the first hour, as you get more familiar with your ATVs potential, we get to show you more about what quad-bike riding is really about and why they are called All Terrain Vehicles.
       * River Nile Safari $99Details
  • Trailblazer guided ATV Quadbike Safaris
        Trailblazer Safari    
    Training / practice session then 4 hour Safari. A very challenging safari right off the beaten tracks! For the very adventurous. We start along trails through Kyabirwa Village and downstream beside the river. Building on your experience, we can take you on to technically difficult sections and fast open sections. On this longer trip you can visit rarely visited places.
       * Trailblazer Safari $119Details

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Jinja Adventure Safety Association
Jinja Adventure Safety Association
- we take your safety seriously.


special gameviewing and adventure ride safari at Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda

Game Viewing Safaris in Lake Mburo N.P.Game viewing safaris by ATV Quadbike at Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda

Unique and very special GAME VIEWING SAFARIS using modern Honda ATV Quadbikes in one of East Africa's most beautiful National Parks, Lake Mburo. 4 or 5 day packages - inclusive of transfers from Jinja or Kampala. These special safaris are available for between 1 to 5 people maximum and must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Pricing varies according to; the number of clients, accommodation chosen and residential status (for Park Entry Fees). Information about ATV Game Viewing Safaris