Kyabirwa Village Safari River Ride ATV Quadbike Safaris

Guided ATV / Quadbike Safari
suitable for all ages and levels.

If your time is limited and you would like to enjoy a taste of this adventure experience in this lovely part of Uganda.

Start times to suit you, all day, every day from 8am to 4.45pm. Very experienced guides and different types of easy to drive ATV Quadbikes to suit all levels and ages.

All ATV Safaris

KYABIRWA VILLAGE SAFARI - kitting out, safety briefing then a training / practice session before starting your 1 hour drive-yourself, guided safari.

Our easiest safari along the banks of the River Nile - off the beaten tracks and into the warm heart of Uganda. Available every day from 8.15am to 4.45pm.

Where your time here is limited or there are young children in your group, this option will give you a taste of the area near the 'Source of the Nile' while enjoying a big dose of the best value, drive yourself and adventure sightseeing safaris available in East Africa. For all ages and all levels.

No previous experience is necessary, even if you have never driven anything else before. Training and practice are given before the trip starts. This is exclusive of your safari time. Starting with practice around the 3 training circuits on our site at Bujagali Falls, we'll take you on a trip along the banks of the River Nile, through farms, forest and villages. Bring a camera, there are some great photographic opportunities along the trails.