ATV Quadbike game viewing and adventure ride Safaris at Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda

Game viewing and adventure ride ATV / Quadbike Safaris at Lake Mburo.

Unique self-drive safaris using 2014 Honda ATV Quadbike Safaris in one of East Africa's most beautiful National Parks - very special trips for between 1 - 5 people, which including transfers to & from Lake Mburo are for 4 or 5 days.

Guided by Peter Knight, MD of All Terrain Adventures with many years experience leading trips through much of Africa and operating Quadbike safaris in Lake Mburo N.P. since 2005.

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Multi Day Game-viewing Safaris by ATV / Quadbike at Lake Mburo National Park, SW Uganda.

For small groups from 1 to 5 people - minimum 2 days and 3 nights at Lake Mburo plus 1 day to travel there, 1 day return. Subject to availability and must be booked at least 2 weeks. Accommodation not included - we supply a list of lodges and links to their websites in our brochure.

Lake Mburo Gameviewing and Adventure Ride Safaris Brochure. This document is in WORD .docx format - if you are unable to open it please contact Peter Knight at and I can email it to you in a different format.

The ultimate African ATV Quad-bike experience. With years of experience operating ATV Safaris from our base at Bujagali Falls near Jinja and in Lake Mburo National Park, we are able to offer a unique & exclusive African adventures. Lake Mburo N.P. offers beautiful scenery and the opportunity to get close to the animals & many species of birds found in this park.

These trips are very special and we operate them with a passion rather than as a viable business, to keep the costs as low as possible. However the overheads are high making the Lake Mburo Game Viewing Safaris unsuitable for people working with a tight budget. We are able to provide safaris at Bujagali Falls at much lower rates - the best prices in the World.

Lake Mburo N.P. is about 5 hours drive west of Kampala or a full day from Bujagali Falls / Jinja. Each day brings new adventures. We take you out of the confines of a safari van and give you a range of very special drive-yourself guided rides in this beautiful national park using the best vehicles available for 360 degree views with a warm and genuine African breeze in your face.

For more information see our brochure or contact Peter Knight, Email

Sawe on Safari at Lake Mburo PK hillclimb ATV Quadbike Safari at Lake Mburo PK viewpoint ATV Quadbike Safaris at Lake Mburo

All Terrain Adventures ATV game viewing adventure safari at Lake Mburo National Park in Uganda with Peter Knight and Sawe Catherine

Brochure for Lake Mburo ATV Quadbike game viewing tripsFor a copy of our brochure about this unique African adventure in WORD .docx format - SELECT

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All Terrain Adventures gameviewing & adventure ride safarais at Lake Mburo NP map


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