about All Terrain Adventures at Bujagali Falls near Jinja in Uganda, East Africa.

About All Terrain Adventures at Bujagali Falls - East Africa's centre for adventure.

ATV Quad-bike Safaris - drive yourself African adventures with local guides, along the banks of the River Nile starting at Bujagali Falls near Jinja in Uganda. Open all day, every day of the year. All levels and ages.

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Quadbike Safaris.
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About All Terrain Adventures - 'the best' ATV Quadbike Safaris in Africa with the best prices in the World - beside the River Nile at Bujagali Falls, near Jinja - off the beaten tracks and into the warm heart of Uganda.

Shirray and Lorraine Knight

Drive-Yourself Guided Safaris beside the River Nile using easy to ride ATVs / Quadbikes to explore the tracks and trails through forests farms connecting the small villages and trading centers for many kilometers downstream from our base at Bujagali Falls. With over 13 years experience, All Terrain Adventures take you to places that many visitors never get to see.ATV Quad-bike Safaris beside the River Nile from Bujagali Falls near Jinja in Uganda

We give you the best and most flexible service possible - no fixed start times, all through the day from 8.30am to 5pm and no minimum numbers. Our safaris are tailored to suit the abilities of each rider and vary from easy, scenic rides for beginners and families all the way through to difficult, challenging safaris for experts - plus everything in between. Trips range from 1 hour to multi-day. All ages and levels of rider from Kids Quads to Grandma's chariot are catered for.

All ages, all adventure, families, groups, individual - sighseeing and adventure rides from Bujagali Falls near Jinja in Uganda, East Africa

Never ridden a quad-bike before * NO WORRIES * BEFORE THE START EVERY SAFARI WE PROVIDE A FREE TRAINING / PRACTICE SESSION (EXCLUSIVE OF SAFARI TIME) on 3 special circuits designed to familiarize you with your ATV Quad bike. Your safari doesn't start until you have completed the training successfully. Laid-back sightseeing trips or challenging difficult rides - you choose. We provide you with a choice of automatic or semi-automatic Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki quad bikes; from 80cc to 450cc - well maintained and easy to-learn-to ride, with guides who all live nearby with their families. All Terrain Adventures work together with the local communities, giving visitors a special way to see this lovely area.
Jinja Adventure Safety AssociationJinja Adventure Safety Association - we take your safety seriously.
Families and Corporate groups are also catered for. Protective clothing and refreshments are ALL INCLUSIVE - no extra charges! If it rains remember, "the wetter the better", ATV = All Terrain Vehicle and they love mud. Bring closed shoes, a smile and camera - we supply everything else. More fun than a barrel full of monkeys!

Video from an ATV Quad Bike Safari with All Terrain Adventures.

All Terrain Adventures started running guided ATV Quadbike Safaris at Bujagali Falls in 2002.

Peter Knight from Whakatane New Zealand Shirray Knight from Townsville Australia Truck Africa Trans Africa in the Congo 1997

Peter (PK) and Shirray Knight, originally from Whakatane, New Zealand and Townsville, Australia, settled at Bujagali Falls after several years leading overland expeditions including 3 trans-Africa trips from England via North, West, Central, East & Southern Africa.

Along the way they got to see a lot of Africa, eventually choosing Bujagali Falls as the best place on the African continent to develop this adventure tourism activity.

ATA staff

All Terrain Adventures have over 13 years experience (started June 2002) in providing "the best" ATV Quadbike Safaris in Africa. 'Off the beaten tracks and into the warm heart of Uganda'.

ATA staff all live nearby with their families. We have a policy of only employing people from this area. We work together with the local communities and strive to help everyone that lives in the area.

We have developed our safaris to give you a memorable and adventurous experience - from easy rides suitable for all ages - to difficult and challenging sections for experienced riders - while giving everyone who comes on our ATV Quadbike safaris a chance to see this beautiful part of Uganda beside the River Nile on our drive-yourself safaris.

Responsible Tourism is the basis of our business. Since opening in 2002 All Terrain Adventures have instigated and assisted in many projects to improve the lives of people in this area; investing thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to ensure that our efforts are successful in producing long-term benefits for the communities we work with and for Uganda. For more information see our Responsible Tourism page.

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"the best" ATV Quadbike Safaris in Africa

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