SAWE Baby Wear, home page - unique African high quality hand made baby and childrens clothing and accessories. Kampala, Uganda, East Africa

SAWE Baby Wear - African Fashion Clothing and Accessories for Babies and Children.

High quality and inexpensive, stylish clothing and accessories for happy babies & children Worldwide.

Sawe Baby Wear - African styled clothing for happy babies all over the world

Sawe Rat baby wear and African childrens clothing Kampala Uganda Sawe Baby Wear - African styled clothing to babies and children Worldwide - wholesale and retail sales

We manufacture a range of fashion clothing and accessories for babies and children with distinctively a African flavor using locally sourced materials - attractive designs that fit well and are long-lasting. Each product is carefully inspected before packaging for good quality control.
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For more information, just send us an email to the above address and we will be able to answer all your questions regarding the items, how to get them to you and any other details regarding your requirements.

We work together to achieve high-customer satisfaction, good communication, great prices and exceptional value.

All our products are durable with soft linings and where relevant, waterproofed. Easy-to-clean, so your baby or toddler can play outside as much as they like without you having to worry about laundry nightmares.

SAWE Catherine - founder of SAWE Baby Wear African sytled clothing for babies and children. Dased in Kampala, Uganda SAWE Baby Wear Size Chart logo

Get the perfect size every time. Use our SIZE CHART to select by age. There is also information about prices and colours available.

SAWE Baby Wear CLOTHING - bright and stylish African inspired fashion. Quality materials including kitenge fabric and Tanzanian cotton. Unique designs and colourful prints. Comfortable and durable. Our range includes; body suits, jump-suits, tops, shirts, shorts, dresses, jackets, hoodies and African T-shirts. They make it easy to dress your baby boy or girl in fun outfits. Each product is carefully inspected before individual packaging to ensure very good quality control.

SAWE Baby Wear ACCESSORIES - To compliment SAWE Baby Wear clothing we have a range of colour coordinated accessories also with a distinctly African touch including baby-wraps, matching bib and booties sets, bonnets, sunhats, headbands and gift-packs . Comfortable, colourful, warm and stylish - for all ages up to 5 years old.


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